Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Week in IEEE Xplore: Jan 2-8

Jan 2, 1920 - Birth of Isaac Asimov
See series in Computer by Roger Clarke, titled "Asimov's Laws of Robotics: Implications for Information Technology." Part 1, Part 2

"Because many contemporary applications of information technology exhibit robotic characteristics, the difficulties Isaac Asimov identified in his stories are directly relevant to information technology professionals."

8 Jan, 1935 - Birth of Elvis Presley
Editorial Metadata in the Cuidado Music Browser: Between Universalism and Isolationism, 2003 WEBDELMUSIC Conference, and RE-LIVING LAS VEGAS: A multi-user, mixed-reality edutainment environment based on the enhancement of original archival materials 2009 VECIMS.

Jan 8, 1980 - Death of John Mauchly, co-inventor of ENIAC, whose classic paper Influence of Programming Techniques on the Design of Computers (with Grace Hopper) was published in Proceedings of the IRE, Oct, 1953. In 1984, IEEE Annals of the History of Computing published a reflective article by Mauchly's widow, Kathleen, John Mauchly's Early Years.

All dates/info from "Date-a-Base Book 2010" by Dave and Kate Haslett.


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