Tuesday, June 08, 2010

IEEE Participates in Cloud Computing Discussion at U.S. White House

On 20 May, IEEE Chief Information Officer Alexander Pasik joined United States Deputy Secretary of Commerce Dennis Hightower and key U.S. administration officials to discuss the creation and adoption of national standards for cloud computing. Among other participants were Federal Chief Information Officer Vivek Kundra, the Administration’s Cyber Security Coordinator Howard Schmidt, and other industry leaders.
IEEE was specifically asked to provide input on how the federal government can collaborate with different organizations to establish security standards for cloud computing so that they could be integrated into the commercial sector. Read more here:

"Cloud computing" has been appearing in the IEEE Xplore "most popular" search terms statistics for some months now, and there are several hundred journal and conference articles since 2008. This technology has been on my radar since Ken Elkabany, a former IEEE Student Branch Chair at Berkeley, and some fellow alums started PiCloud. (I confess to vicarious pride in the accomplishments of the students I've met through IEEE.) Ken was one of those undergrads who knew his way around research literature....