Thursday, June 12, 2008

Summer Reading

I'm not an engineer, but still find plenty of material that appeals to me (IEEE Spectrum, of course, is a monthly favorite.) Try reading it on a plane or train -- it's a great conversation starter. I had a fascinating talk about patent trolls with a SoCal engineer working on Wall Street that began with "I see you read Spectrum?"

I subscribe to a number of email alerts for IEEE publications -- IEEE Technology and Society Magazine (TSM) and IEEE Communications Magazine (CM), among them. This week's TOC alerts were irresistible - who wouldn't want to read "The Engineer, the Dancer, and the Severed Head" and "Dead Poets and Engineers?" (TSM, vol. 27, issue 2).

In CM, vol. 46, issue 6, I enjoyed the President's Page on "Standards: Making Them Work in the Real World," and the link to standards as a competitive intelligence tool.