Friday, May 23, 2008

Stanford IEEE Presents "Sustainability in a Corporate World"

May 29, presented by Accenture Technology Labs.

"Accenture leads the SMART Building Alliance (SBA), providing Enterprise Energy Management Solutions and decreasing building-based energy spend. The SBA Solution uses a comprehensive building analysis and open IT standards to leverage existing building management system infrastructure. Sophisticated analytics identify energy saving opportunities and continuous optimized control keeps buildings operating at peak efficiency. The SBA solution creates value in the form of reduced energy consumption, reduced maintenance costs (labor, parts, and inventory) and reduced environmental impact."

Brent Blum - Accenture Technology Labs Consultant
Brent Blum has been with Accenture since 2004 and has held a variety of roles related to the Sensor and Mobility space. These roles have included Online Health Services, Core Sensor Telemetry Architecture, and the SMART Buildings Alliance. He continues to have a strong interest in telematics as well as a variety of Web 2.0 technologies, RFID, IPTV, automotive technologies and the role of technology in society.

Sean A. Stauth – Accenture Technology Labs Consultant
Sean A. Stauth is a consultant within the Mobility and Sensors group at the Accenture Technology Labs. He has been working on developing Enterprise Resource Planning Mobile applications for executives and helping define the Tech Labs' strategy in the mobility space. Recently, he has been instrumental in establishing the technical architecture vision for the SMART Buildings Alliance.

Han C. Choi – Accenture Technology Labs Analyst
Han C. Choi is an analyst with the Accenture Technology Labs and a former Stanford IEEE officer. While earning a degree in Electrical Engineering, he was involved in a wide range of research experiences spanning from electrical engineering to socioeconomics. During his time at the Technology Labs, he has primarily focused on designing a robust and flexible framework capable of handling the unique and versatile challenges of the energy management industry.

Sample IEEE Xplore articles on "enterprise energy management"
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