Monday, November 26, 2007

IEEE Announces 2008 Fellows

2008 IEEE Fellows at University Partnership Program Schools
Fellows must have "contributed importantly to the advancement or application of engineering, science and technology, bringing the realization of significant value to society."

~ Akintunde Ibitayo Akinwande for contributions to the development of digital self-aligned gate technology and vacuum microelectronic devices

~ Emery Neal Brown for contributions to state-space algorithms for point processes and applications to neuroscience data

~ Judy L. Hoyt for contributions to silicon-based heterostructure devices and technology

~ Roger G. Mark for development of physiologic signal databases and automated arrhythmia analysis

~ Muriel Medard for contributions to wideband wireless fading channels and network coding

~ Jacob K. White for contributions to simulation tools for RF circuits, electrical interconnects, and micro machined devices

~ Abeer Alwan
for contributions to speech perception and production modeling and their applications

~ Jia-Ming Liu for contributions to the control and applications of nonlinear dynamics of lasers

Mani Bhushan Srivastava for contributions to energy-aware wireless communications and sensor networking

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor
~ Peter M. Chen for contributions to fault-tolerant storage systems

UC San Diego
~ Pamela C. Cosman for contributions to image and video compression and wireless communications

~ Kit Lai Paul Yu for contributions to semiconductor waveguide modulators and detectors

~ Martin M. Fejer
for contributions to nonlinear optical materials and guided wave optics

~ Oyekunle A. Olukotun for contributions to multiprocessors on a chip and multi-threaded processor design

Virginia Tech
~ Dong Sam Ha for leadership in VLSI design and test

~ Steven H. Low
for contributions to internet congestion control

~ Andrew K. Packard for contributions to robust control

Drexel University
~ Athina P. Petropulu for contributions to signal processing for communications, networking and ultrasound imaging

Columbia University
~ Ken Shepard for contributions to computer-aided design of digital integrated circuits

~ Xiaodong Wang for contributions to signal processing for wireless communications

Texas A&M University
~ Hamid A. Toliyat
for contributions to the design, analysis and control of multi-phase fault tolerant electric machines

For a complete list of the 2008 Fellow Class, see:


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