Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Stanford Presents Riya

Riya - Visual Search and Its Applications on the Web
Date: Friday, Nov. 2nd
Time: 12:00 - 1:30 pm
Lunch Provided
Please join the Stanford IEEE community in welcoming our very own EE alum, Dr. Burak Gokturk, who has gone on and started exciting online search companies! =========================================
Search has been proven to be a powerful tool and been the most used application in the web. Visual search is a recently developing application of computer vision and machine learning. Several applications have already shown new ways of traversing and searching the web via visual search. This talk describes the meaning of visual search and demonstrates why we need it for the next generation of image search on the web. The talk also discusses several problems in computer vision that are commonly seen in visual search. Web demonstrations will be provided during the talk.

Speaker Bio:
Burak is the 'brain' behind Riya's photo recognition technology, and leads the research team. It is Burak's desire to bring the usefulness of the computer vision science to human attention in this exciting venture. His team's current work aligns with this goal and includes detection and recognition of faces, text and objects from photos taken under uncontrolled conditions.

Prior to Riya, he developed computer vision algorithms at Canesta,Intel and BEKO. He has been in the vision field for more than 8 years, published more than 30 papers, and holds more than 15 patent applications. His computer vision algorithms have been prototyped and/or implemented in various computer vision products. He developed a 3D shape representation scheme, called "Random Orthogonal Shape Sections", which achieved one of the best recognition rates for the
detection of colon cancer. His other research concentrated on tracking, detection and recognition of 3D shapes and faces, medical imaging and 3D image compression. Burak received a BS in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science form Bogazici University, and MS and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

Burak is also one helluva soccer player.


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